Common Causes Of Paintwork Damage

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The paintwork is an important component of every car. It protects many valuable components from corrosion and keeps the car looking attractive. The condition of the paintwork has a significant effect on the resale value of the car. All these benefits can be compromised by paintwork damage.

There are many ways that the paintwork can get damaged. A service center that specializes in car painting in Gothenburg, accidents and hitting the paint with hard objects are the most common causes of damage. Other causes include exposure to elements like sun and rain, and improper cleaning techniques. The consequences of these damages can be serious if not repaired immediately.

A seemingly minor scratch on the paint removes the protective top layer. If not repaired, a discoloration develops around the small scratch. This discoloration is caused by the deterioration of the underlying pain layer and will continue to get bigger and more prominent the longer it is left unrepaired.

Around Gothenburg are many dirt roads that are favorites amongst hikers and drivers who love to experience the beauty of nature every once in a while. After making the journey, many drivers discover many small dents on the body of their cars. These dents that can be fixed by punching them out can also lead to more serious paint damage. The good news is that stone chips punching in Gothenburg is quite affordable with so many shops offering such service.

Look For Passion Instead Of Brand Recognition

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We often mistake brand recognition as an indicator of the quality of products or services offered by businesses. To be fair, brand recognition is a very good indicator of a successful business. But certain successes are not the result of high-quality products or services. Some businesses are just really good with marketing.

If you are a car owner who’s looking to have a paintwork damage repaired, you want a shop that offers the best service. But how do you find one?

Good things are hard to find.

This is true when looking for a car care service. So many commercials being sent our way through mainstream and alternative media. This causes confusion and results to many people confusing popularity with actual good service. Instead of paying too much attention to brand recognition, shift your focus towards passion.

In any line of work, passion has a significant impact on the quality of the products produced or services provided. Passion is what drives the person to master his crafts. Passion is what powers dedication. Dedication is essential for any professional to improve his craft.

When talking about fixing a paintwork damage on a car, you want someone whose got passion for cars and bringing out the best in them. You want someone whose values your car the same way you do. This someone can be quite difficult to find in chain businesses that are often too focus about increasing profits that they often end up looking to hire most affordable labor instead of the most skilled individuals.

How to Prevent Paintwork Damage

Paintwork damage is more than just unsightly. The paintwork of the car provides protection against harsh elements and prevents corrosion. Damage to the paint of the car that is left unattended can worsen and lead to more expensive repairs down the road. Knowing how to prevent paintwork damage on the car helps protect you from unnecessary expenses and prolongs the life of your ride.

photo-6In order to protect your car, you must first educate yourself about the common causes of paintwork damage. Exposure to sunlight and acid rain hasten the deterioration of the paint. Park your car inside your garage at night. During the day, search for a covered parking area.

Many drivers park their cars under the shade of trees. While this protects the car against the sun,  it also exposes the car to another type of risk. Bird droppings.

Bird droppings contain compounds that reacts with the paintwork of the car and damages it. The solution to this is simple. Avoid parking under trees, power lines and other structures that birds like to rest on. If your car is hit with droppings, clean it immediately using a lint-free cloth and car paint cleaning solution.

Speaking of cleaning solution, make sure that whatever you are using for cleaning is designed to be used for car paint. Some car owners make the mistake of using dishwashing liquids and detergent soaps to clean their car. These cleaning agents are often too strong which weakens the paintwork and damages it.

In washing, make sure to wash away dirt and debris with water before using a cloth. Loose debris can cause microscopic scratches on the paint.