Is Lacquer A Good Idea?

There are many different options for automotive refinishing or paint job. It is always smart to explore different options and find out how they stack against each other. Lacquer finish on cars are rarely seen these days. If you do see them, they are mostly inside museums and exhibits. You will not see them on the road. The sun has set on car lacquering. Inferior durability compared to other types of modern automotive finish made sure of this. To the point, lacquer is a bad idea for any car that sees the road quite often. Then again, bad ideas never stopped people from doing what they think will make them happy.

There is a way to make lacquer work. This involves the use of a special urethane-based protective film. The film is elastic which gives it a damping property.  This allows the film to absorbs impact from pebbles, rocks, and other road debris to protect the paint from chips and dents. It is tough and provides excellent protection against scratches.

A protective film that dulls the shine of the paint would make any lacquer pointless. Luckily, the urethane-based protective film allows the brilliance of lacquer to shine through. The film is very clear. When properly installed, it is impossible to detect with the eyes. You will have to touch the surface of the car to know it is there.

Paintwork Damages and Car Lacquering

It is normal for your car to sustain paintwork damages throughout its life. There really is no way to completely prevent the finish of your car from taking some beating. There are measure that can help prolong the appearance of your car but the only way you can really preserve the brand new look of your car is if you don’t take it out of the garage. In which case, you would have been better of leaving the car at the dealership.
Spot Repair
Similar to how you need to prepare for mechanical problems, you also need to have a plan for when your car’s finish sustains some unsightly damage. Knowing where to go and what type of services you need can help you avoid troubles and extra expenses.

According to MLKAB, a Swedish company specializing in automotive refinishing, there are many businesses that offer services with the intention of maximizing their profits but have very little benefit to the car owner.

One example of such service is car lacquering. This isn’t to say that lacquering is a poor refinishing technique. In fact, it is one of the best when it comes to aesthetics. However, its durability pales in comparison with other types of finish like enamel and urethane. Car lacquering is perfect for showroom cars but really isn’t the best option for daily drivers. It is safe to say that a car servicing center that offers car lacquering to an owner whose car is meant to driven daily is more interested in making profit instead of properly serving its customers.