An Extraordinary Shine

Very few things are more refreshing than the picture of a new car. The flawless and glistening exterior is visually amazing. Just like all things, the pristine exterior succumbs to age and wear. Sun exposure and inclement weather can cause the color to fade. Dents, chips and scratches are unavoidable due to road debris that constantly gets flung onto the exterior when driving.

It is possible to reverse the effects of age and wear. Car lacquering technology has evolved throughout the years. Using it for paint restoration can even give a car an extraordinary shine unlike anything before.

A big turn off for lacquering was durability. As beautiful as the shine may be, it was prone to scratches and chips. Even when being selective of roadways, exposure to harsh weather elements can cause the coat to degrade quickly, forming cracks and bubbling. Although the car will look amazing initially, this will not last long.

New lacquer technology has produced more durable coating while retaining the aesthetic properties that makes it sought after. While the two-component polyurethane remains the standard for durability,  there are new workarounds to having a lacquer finish while still making the car viable for practical driving.

Protective film can be placed over the lacquer finish. There are new and innovative protective products in the market that works very well with lacquer. The films have damping property that absorbs impacts from road debris to prevent scratches and chips while acting as barrier against chemicals. It does all these while still lacquer finish to shine through.

Is Lacquer A Good Idea?

There are many different options for automotive refinishing or paint job. It is always smart to explore different options and find out how they stack against each other. Lacquer finish on cars are rarely seen these days. If you do see them, they are mostly inside museums and exhibits. You will not see them on the road. The sun has set on car lacquering. Inferior durability compared to other types of modern automotive finish made sure of this. To the point, lacquer is a bad idea for any car that sees the road quite often. Then again, bad ideas never stopped people from doing what they think will make them happy.

There is a way to make lacquer work. This involves the use of a special urethane-based protective film. The film is elastic which gives it a damping property.  This allows the film to absorbs impact from pebbles, rocks, and other road debris to protect the paint from chips and dents. It is tough and provides excellent protection against scratches.

A protective film that dulls the shine of the paint would make any lacquer pointless. Luckily, the urethane-based protective film allows the brilliance of lacquer to shine through. The film is very clear. When properly installed, it is impossible to detect with the eyes. You will have to touch the surface of the car to know it is there.

Summer Is A Good Time For Repainting Your Car

We often hear people, from new owners to experienced mechanics, use the words winterizing or summerizing of cars. These words are meant to describe the preparations done to vehicles to counteract the extreme conditions that comes with the winter or summer season.

Repainting Your Car

During summer, longer daylight, hotter temperatures, and humidity can really wear down the finish of cars. The color fades and the original shine disappears. Minor paint damages can worsen significantly over the course of the season. Once the summer season begins to end and the weather becomes colder and wet, the damages to the finish will start to produce detrimental consequences. Rusts will begin to form on components or areas with paint damage.


Summer is really a good time for repainting your car. This is true for several reasons. Aside from getting the car ready for when the season changes, another very good reason for having your car refreshed during summer is to show off. Everybody wants a car that is pleasant to look at. There are going to be some discrepancies between different owners as what makes a car a pleasant view. However, almost everyone will agree that new-looking and clean are included in the pleasantness standards.


This summer, you can have your car freshened up and prepared for another year on the road through one of the best when it comes to car painting in Gothenburg. We are a certified service provider for major car brands. The company has several decades of experience in vehicle restoration and offers their services at very competitive rates.