Tips On Car Washing


Proper washing not only keeps cars looking spic and span. It can also prevent cosmetic damages that can be expensive to fix and puts cars out of commission for several days. A service workshop for Subaru that also offers car painting in Gothenburg encourages their customers to learn how to properly wash their cars. Although this may seem counterintuitive for them since they make a significant portion of their profits from repair paint damages, this actually helps their business since fewer minor cosmetic repairs allow them to work more on higher-earning projects.


The first step to proper car washing is to make sure that all the needed  supplies are available. Basic necessities include pure cotton cloths, chamois, sheepskin mitts, and cleaning solutions.


Before starting, make sure all drain holes are open to prevent trapping water. Start the washing process by hosing down the entire car. Use as much water as needed to soften and remove the dirt off the car. In most cases, it is possible to remove the dirt without the need for scrubbing. This is very important since scrubbing the car while there are still dirt particles can lead to microscopic scratches that can compromise the durability of the finish.


A pressure nozzle can be used to remove tough dirt on the wheels and other surfaces that less sensitive. Splattered bugs and bird droppings must be removed immediately since these contain compounds that can react with the paint and damage it.

Nissan’s eVision Service


The Nissan service department is increasingly building trust with its customers and clients. Now, Nissan is introducing its new video walk through of videos. This enables customers to know how plastic car repairs will be done to its cars.

Their new “eVision” service basically involves techs making a quick iPhone video of a customer car, pointing out what needs attention, then e-mailing said video to the customer for review before the work is approved.

A “green-yellow-red” scale of repair-necessity will be included along with a cost estimate of the work. You know, exactly like the piece of paper and live walk-through you get if you’re at the service center in person.

So this won’t mean much if you perform your own maintenance or wait on-site while someone else does the dirty work, but it could be nice for those who drop off their cars and move on to other engagements. Anyone who’s had a phone call from a mechanic telling you your brake pads/serpentine belt/flux capacitor is “looking pretty worn” would surely appreciate technology like this coming into the main stream.

It’s also a win for honest mechanics, who could use this tool to debunk negative stereotypes about their revenue-generating practices. For the moment, it’s only for the UK.

Nissan is truly leveling up its customer support service with this new service. I wonder if the other dealers or mechanics offer the same service?



via Nissan To Offer Repair Updates On Your Vehicle Via Video – Jalopnik

General Information on Car Restoration


Restoring a car can be an extremely rewarding experience. But before you begin, you should know what you’re getting yourself into. The Internet offers the resources you need to decide whether restoring a car is up your ally. If car restoration is a hobby you truly want to pursue, or if you’re an old vet looking for more sound advice, mlkab provides the necessary guide, tips and tools … but you’ll have to supply the gumption. Before you begin, ask yourself this essential question: is it worth it? In other words, you need to determine whether refinishing a car is something you are truly passionate about. Car restoration is a huge commitment that demands a lot of money and time.

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