Paintwork Damages and Car Lacquering

It is normal for your car to sustain paintwork damages throughout its life. There really is no way to completely prevent the finish of your car from taking some beating. There are measure that can help prolong the appearance of your car but the only way you can really preserve the brand new look of your car is if you don’t take it out of the garage. In which case, you would have been better of leaving the car at the dealership.
Spot Repair
Similar to how you need to prepare for mechanical problems, you also need to have a plan for when your car’s finish sustains some unsightly damage. Knowing where to go and what type of services you need can help you avoid troubles and extra expenses.

According to MLKAB, a Swedish company specializing in automotive refinishing, there are many businesses that offer services with the intention of maximizing their profits but have very little benefit to the car owner.

One example of such service is car lacquering. This isn’t to say that lacquering is a poor refinishing technique. In fact, it is one of the best when it comes to aesthetics. However, its durability pales in comparison with other types of finish like enamel and urethane. Car lacquering is perfect for showroom cars but really isn’t the best option for daily drivers. It is safe to say that a car servicing center that offers car lacquering to an owner whose car is meant to driven daily is more interested in making profit instead of properly serving its customers.

Teenagers and Car Care

Lots of people learn how to drive but do not know how to properly take care of their car. This is usually the case with teenagers. You gave your old car to your teenager to allow for more independence, to learn about responsibility and because you love your kid way too much that it is impossible to deny their request. The third one is usually the main reason for most parents.

Then you discover that your act of genuine love can be quite frustrating. You take a look at your old trusted ride and see paintwork damages, messy interior and critical level on fluids. You think to yourself that you should have never given your teenager the car.

Stop beating yourself over it and turn the situation into a parenting opportunity by teaching your teenager about car care instead. To a teenager, there are so many of things happening around them that it is difficult for them to dedicate themselves to learning and applying all car care methods. You need to understand this and then act on it.

Make car care lesson simple and focus on the important things. The first one that most teenagers are more willing to learn is washing since they also want to look good among their friends and a clean car is a good-looking car. The second lesson should be about fluid levels. Inculcate in their mind the importance of regularly checking the fluids and making sure that they are within ideal levels. The third one is about the tire which is very important for safety but are easy to visually inspect.

If you want to teach them more about car care, do so after they have responded well to these first three lessons.

How to Prevent Paintwork Damage

Paintwork damage is more than just unsightly. The paintwork of the car provides protection against harsh elements and prevents corrosion. Damage to the paint of the car that is left unattended can worsen and lead to more expensive repairs down the road. Knowing how to prevent paintwork damage on the car helps protect you from unnecessary expenses and prolongs the life of your ride.

photo-6In order to protect your car, you must first educate yourself about the common causes of paintwork damage. Exposure to sunlight and acid rain hasten the deterioration of the paint. Park your car inside your garage at night. During the day, search for a covered parking area.

Many drivers park their cars under the shade of trees. While this protects the car against the sun,  it also exposes the car to another type of risk. Bird droppings.

Bird droppings contain compounds that reacts with the paintwork of the car and damages it. The solution to this is simple. Avoid parking under trees, power lines and other structures that birds like to rest on. If your car is hit with droppings, clean it immediately using a lint-free cloth and car paint cleaning solution.

Speaking of cleaning solution, make sure that whatever you are using for cleaning is designed to be used for car paint. Some car owners make the mistake of using dishwashing liquids and detergent soaps to clean their car. These cleaning agents are often too strong which weakens the paintwork and damages it.

In washing, make sure to wash away dirt and debris with water before using a cloth. Loose debris can cause microscopic scratches on the paint.