An Extraordinary Shine

Very few things are more refreshing than the picture of a new car. The flawless and glistening exterior is visually amazing. Just like all things, the pristine exterior succumbs to age and wear. Sun exposure and inclement weather can cause the color to fade. Dents, chips and scratches are unavoidable due to road debris that constantly gets flung onto the exterior when driving.

It is possible to reverse the effects of age and wear. Car lacquering technology has evolved throughout the years. Using it for paint restoration can even give a car an extraordinary shine unlike anything before.

A big turn off for lacquering was durability. As beautiful as the shine may be, it was prone to scratches and chips. Even when being selective of roadways, exposure to harsh weather elements can cause the coat to degrade quickly, forming cracks and bubbling. Although the car will look amazing initially, this will not last long.

New lacquer technology has produced more durable coating while retaining the aesthetic properties that makes it sought after. While the two-component polyurethane remains the standard for durability,  there are new workarounds to having a lacquer finish while still making the car viable for practical driving.

Protective film can be placed over the lacquer finish. There are new and innovative protective products in the market that works very well with lacquer. The films have damping property that absorbs impacts from road debris to prevent scratches and chips while acting as barrier against chemicals. It does all these while still lacquer finish to shine through.

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